Social entrepreneurs:
build your business better than ever

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Stakeholder Engagement

Want to level up your startup skill-set?


You’re focused on your company... But what about your skills as an entrepreneur?

Whether it’s sales… product development… team building... or something else entirely… often as entrepreneurs we allow a few key areas to be our specialty and ignore the rest.

But the companies that succeed are the ones whose leaders take seriously their growth across all areas of business.

For over twenty years, we’ve offered tailored financing and business development to social entrepreneurs solving issues like income inequality and labor inclusion with business models that support disadvantaged communities.

And now this simple assessment breaks down our portfolio interview process and offers anyone detailed feedback and instant items to move forward in their business across all the areas that matter to their endeavor.



It took no time at all to really point out a key blind spots for me and my company. It seems very simple now, but I definitely was very surprised to learn that my strategic thinking needed dramatic improvement.



Ever since my team followed up on the recommended reading, our results have dramatically improved across our problem areas, and even in the areas where we were doing great to begin with.



Do you know where you excel? I thought I did until I took this assessment… Boy oh boy sometimes the truth can be hard to handle. But it’s really always the right decision to find out. Go for it and see what you find.



We believe that the best way to serve low-income, socially excluded, environmentally-vulnerable, and otherwise disadvantaged communities is to support the entrepreneurs whose businesses change their lives for the better. We have supported social impact ventures for over twenty years with financing and long-term business development. And we believe that education and development empowers entrepreneurs to solve problems with complete competency.